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Why Not Major in your Favorite High School Subject?

Let’s say math is your favorite subject and you get really good grades in it. So why wouldn’t you pick math as your major when you go to college?

The subject you really like in high school may not prove to be a great major for you. Typical high school courses include elements of key subject areas. Examples: math (algebra, geometry, calculus), science (biology, chemistry, physics), English (composition, literature), social studies (world history, american history, government), languages (French, Spanish, Latin). These subjects are fundamental to furthering your education but they are pretty broad and don’t really give you a good sense of what the occupations would look like in any of them – unless you want to teach one of them at the middle school or high school level. Even AP courses often don’t give you a glimpse into what the job world looks like.

Let’s go back to our math example. When high school students say they really like math and decide that is the field of study they will pursue in college, it doesn’t always work out. Math as a major has one of the highest drop/change rates in college. The material is so advanced beyond anything in high school that students can feel overwhelmed. Students also become aware that a major in math may not be a door to a career that appeals to them. Some of this could be avoided if students had realized the many different areas of study appropriate for them that would use their strong math skills. (Examples: finance, accounting, engineering, scientific research, pharmacy, computer science to name a few)

How, then, can you find your optimal area of study and avoid the pitfalls of changing your major partway through? (You might want to check out my blog “Career, Major, Area of Study – How are They Different?

I specialize in working with high school students to find their area of study and major for college. The Strong Interest Inventory is the leading career assessment tool and with its College Profile report is ideally suited for high school students looking to identify their college pursuit. You will take the Strong Interest Inventory assessment on line and as a Certified Strong Practitioner, I will analyze and interpret your results looking for patterns to identify the areas of interest and college majors most suitable for you.

And if your forte is math, that will be evident. But we will also know the areas you are most likely to find fulfilling that will use your math skills.

Together we can do this.

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