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About Lavonne


Lavonne Mullet

Wichita, Kansas

Strong Interest Inventory® Certified

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) Certified

Professional Business Coach, Fowler International

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I specialize in working with high school students to find their area of study and major for college. The Strong Interest Inventory is the leading career assessment tool and with its College Profile report is ideally suited for high school students looking to identify their college pursuit. The Strong Interest Inventory looks at personality from a work environment. The Strong is not a typical personality test that categorizes a person into one description. Rather it looks at what appeals to us in a work environment when it comes to values, motivations and interests and compares our preferences with people employed in more than 200 careers.

We tend to find the greatest degree of job satisfaction when our vocation aligns with our personality.


My approach to reviewing the assessment results with the student (and hopefully parents) combines both the standard Strong Interest Inventory College Profile as well as custom material that take a broader perspective and provides recommended next steps.

My Philosophy

With my experience teaching business courses to first and second year college students and as VP Marketing and Enrollment at a 4 year college, I have a comprehensive understanding of the admissions process and what is important to prospective students and their parents. As an adjunct professor, I spent time with college students both in and out of the classroom and understand the types of questions and challenges they face. My blog “Making the College Selection” illuminates the process students go through to decide on which college to attend.


Prior to my time in Higher Education, I was a Marketing Director in a Fortune 100 company. During my twenty plus years of sales and marketing experience, I honed the skill of finding patterns between pieces of data to determine solutions to complex problems. I apply this same strategy to analyzing and interpreting the Strong Interest Inventory®.

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