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Find Your Future

Entering college soon but undecided about your major?

Think you know your college major but want confirmation?

Have a general idea of your field of study but unsure of specific major?

Not sure a four year college program is for you?

Parents, if any of these sound like

your high school student, I can help.


directly aligns with

Your Personality

Your Values

Your Interests

Your Motivations

The Strong Interest Inventory® is the leading career assessment tool with the Strong Interest Inventory College Profile specifically designed to help high school students identify the area of study that is most well suited to them. Right here in Wichita, Kansas, with my certification training and experience, I analyze and interpret this information and develop a customized report to start students on the path to future success.


Hi, I'm Lavonne Mullet,

When it comes to making decisions about college, I understand the uncertainty high school students (and their parents) face. From my years of teaching college students, running the admissions program at a college, and consulting with two colleges, I have firsthand experience with the challenges students face in charting their educational path.

I am a Strong Interest Inventory® Certified Practitioner which assures you I have the requisite training to analyze and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory.

What Parents are saying:

Our Daughter is a High School Senior. It has been a very stressful time for her to make a decision about her future. Lavonne took the time with her to provide fascinating insights about who she is. Those insights definitely translated into viable career path options that both she and her parents felt good about.

The Strong Interest Inventory was a fantastic tool to help guide my 18 year old son when he was heading off to college and deciding on a major. I’ll for sure be in touch with Lavonne in a few years when my youngest is getting ready for college. Life is too short to not enjoy the career you choose!


Mike & Shellie

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